Music in Nötabråne with Mikael Ela-Vinda

  • på Mormors Bakeri
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Concert at Mormors Bakeri, free of charge.


Music at Mormor's Bakeri June 13th at 17:00-19:00. The concert is part of "Music in Nötabråne" - a concert series created by Mormor's Bakeri and Studiefrämjandet Sydost. The purpose is to support culture and young artists in Blekinge by giving them room to perform in front of a live audience.

The concerts are free of charge. More information is available via the links below.

About the artist:
Mikael is now living in Asarum, Karlshamn. It is mostly here around Blekinge he has been active and had many of his previous gigs. For several years he has been given the opportunity to perform with his music. Both for an older and younger audience. Mostly with covers from Cohen, Dylan, Cash. With his own written songs, various hits are interwoven with influences from Country, Blues, Bluegrass and Folk. His song "Dreams to fulfill" were amongst Svensktoppen as well as on the SR P4 top for a while. New music is written and more is underway. We need variation on the music scene in Karlshamn. Mikael wants to be part of creating a music district Karlshamn.

Organizer: Mormors Bakeri and Studiefrämjandet Southeast

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