The municipality's autumn holiday program - Monday 1 November

  • Karlskrona
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Take the opportunity to try some fun activity during the holidays.


Dunsö chapel: "I feel blue" / Konserthusteatern
Free admission, no ticket needed, recommended age 6-12 years.

Time: 13.00

Quiz walk and crafts / Konserthusteatern
Every day during the autumn holidays. Quiz walk, watercoloring, crafts, painting, board games, exhibition, coffee.

Time: 10.00-15.00

Try tennis / Tennishallen NKT Arena
Are you curious about tennis? Get a basic instruction, do fun exercises and coffee. Come whenever you want, no pre-registration required.

Time: 12.00-15.00

Play squash / Grand squash and gym
Autumn holiday squash at Grand squash and gym. Free squash game for everyone between 6-15 years during the autumn holidays, Monday 1/11 - Friday 5 November. Free rental of rackets and balls

Time: 13.00-17.00

Ball activities / Sunnahallen
IFK Karlskrona invites to ball activities in Sunnahallen throughout the autumn holidays.

Time: 13.00-16.00.
ÅK 1-3 between 13.00-14.30 and ÅK 4-6 between 14.30-16.00.

Fritidsgård in Spjutsbygd / IF Trion's clubhouse
Games, crafts and more for children aged 4-12 years.

Time: 17.30-19.30

Feel free to register with Madeleine Karlsson by sending an SMS to 0703-424958.

Try the skateboard / Skatehall
Try skateboarding in the Skatehall in Handelshamnen.

Time: 15.00-18.00

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