Marine Music Choir - Nordic dialects

The language of music is universal and is something that everyone understands despite our different origins. At this concert the focus is on music from the Nordic countries and we listen a little extra if our different dialects can be perceived in the music. On the conductor's desk we see the artistic director of the Swedish armed forces Dragon Music Choir, David Björkman.


Most people living in the Nordic countries understand each other across national borders. Danish, Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish have a common origin and are so similar that some linguists see them as dialects of the same language. But then Finnish? Yes, it stands for itself and originates from the ancient Uralic language family.

Ordinary - 150 kr
MMV member - 100 kr
Children / youth up to 18 years - SEK 15

Tickets through the tourist office in Karlskrona 0455-30 34 90
as well as

Remaining tickets from 18.00 in the "Sparresalen" foyer.

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