Magic show - Brynolf & Ljung

After the two previously sold out tours "Hokus Pokus motherf * ckers" and "Cirkeln", Brynolf & Ljung are finally back with a brand new live show!


In "Stalker", they go further into the audience's consciousness than ever before! With the help of dexterity, illusions and psychology, the line is shifted between what is possible and what should be impossible. Together with the star director Edward af Sillén, Brynolf & Ljung in their new performance takes the audience on an experience where no one is completely safe. How far are we humans prepared to go in the pursuit of being seen? In today's surveillance society, everyone is stalked and everyone has become stalkers. Follow Brynolf & Ljung. They are already following you.

As Sweden's foremost magician, Brynolf & Ljung have for a decade offered humor-packed performances that made us both drop our chin and question the laws of physics. "Stalker" will be their first new live show in 3 years and a long-awaited reunion with the audience.

More information:
Performance length: about 80 minutes without a break
Language: Swedish

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