Lyckå Chamber Music Festival - Blekinge International Festival

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It is a rare high-class music festival, which every year during the past 35 years has given echo in both the Swedish and the international music world. Lyckå Chamber Music Festival is known for its high ambition and has an interesting profile of excellent guest performances, own productions, music with lace, at a high international level.


Program: Lyckå Chamber Music Festival 1 - 7 juli 2019

Monday 1/7 13:00 Skärva Herrgård
Thought by the sea
”Music, Poetry, Teamwork och Leadership”.
Mats Viberg, professor of signal processing and principal of Blekinge Tekniska.
College moderator: Håkan Lennerstad, professor of mathematics at BTH.
Entry: SEK 100

Monday 1/7 18:00 Stenladan, Johannishus Castle
Haydn - from morning to evening
Symphony no. 6 Le Matin and symphony no. 8 Le Soir.
Re-Creation Ensemble
Artistic management Berth Nilsson

Tuesday 2/7 18:00 Lösens church
It was in the evening...
Roman concert with soprano Lisa Larsson and pianist Hans Pålsson.
Music from Mozart, Martinsson and Schumann.

Wednesday 3/7 18:00 Skärva Manor
Thought by the sea
"Intuition - uniting thought and feeling"
Pianist Hans Pålsson, professor at the music college in Malmö
moderator: Håkan Lennerstad, professor of mathematics at BTH.

Wednesday 3/7 18:00 Stenladan, Johannishus castle
Dreamers' Circus
A great folk music trio:
Ale Carr, cittern, Nikolaj Busk, piano/accordion and Rune Tonsgaard Sörensen, the violin is
schooled both in folk music and classical music.

Thursday 4/7 10:00 Lösens church
Not only Bach
Saxophonist Jonas Knutsson and bassist Christian Spering, two of Sweden's foremost
improvisation musicians play music by Bach which turns into something they have chosen
to call - music for peace of mind.

Friday 5/7 19:00 Lösens church
Cinema Paradiso
Music that gives movies life. Project Grissini from France
with pianist Romain Vaudé and his piano trio. Covers and arrangements from video
games, movies and "anime music" along with classic. A project in time.

Saturday 6/7 18:00 Carl Gustafs church, Karlshamn

Sunday7/7 18:00 Lösens church
Haydn & Mozart - alive again!!
Operaarior and symphony no. 92 ”Oxford”.
Lyckå Re-Creation Orchestra
Lisa Larsson, soprano Zürich
Berth Nilsson, conductor

Tickets will be sold from 19 June on

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