Lecture: Sports Nutrition - How should athletes relate to diet?

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BTH sports academy has in collaboration with RF SISU Blekinge invited Emma Lindblom leg. dietitian / nutritionist to a lecture on how to relate to diet as an athlete.


The lecture will give you practical tips on how you as an exerciser should eat and think about food. What you eat matters no matter what age you are or your level. You will get to know myths and trends as well as guidance in the jungle of tips and advice that are available.

Emma Lindblom is leg. dietitian / nutritionist and has a broad education in health, physiology and nutrition, especially in sports nutrition (how to eat to perform). Emma has a long experience of working with elite athletes, young athletes and exercisers so they can perform both in training / competition and in everyday life. Being healthy and performing is important both in elite sports as well as at work.

Emma is a consultant at the Swedish Sports Confederation's Elite Sports Support, where she trains national team athletes, coaches and support staff in sports nutrition. She is a well-hired lecturer and is a diet expert for the magazine Runner's World and has written several books in sports nutrition (SISU sports books). Emma received an athletics scholarship (middle-distance) at the University of Houston, USA where she studied.

The lectures are open for everyone, welcome!
If you have any questions, please contact Martin Söderberg.

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