Klimattorget Karlskrona

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Klimattorget is an initiative that involves different companies and communities in Karlskrona that gather around the city square during the day and the afternoon to engage the public in the climate issue. This is made through inspiration, information and dialogue about what can be done, what different actors do and what you can do.


The program for the day can be found here:

11.00 Inaguration, Christer Engman Klimattorget
11.30 Our carbon dioxide budget, Magnus Larsson from the municipality
12.00 Sustainable cities, Sabina Andrén WWF
13.00 Fossile free fuel from 2025, Heidi Andersson
14.00 Sustainability in municipalities and regions, Lisa Wälitalo BTH
14.30 Theater
15.00 Solar panels at home, Linda Nilsson energi, and climate advice
15.30 Theater
16.00 Discussion with the different guests of the day, moderator Per-Arne Olsson VD Eriksberg
17.00 The day ends

There will be music inbetween each activity
Free of charge to partake in the different activities.

The event is primarily in Swedish.

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