Karlskronas Child race -Stortorget

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Karlskrona Childrace is a festive race for the youngest.


The race goes by Stortorget in central Karlskrona on Thursday, August 1, 2019. A few hours before Karlskrona Stadslopp.

Distances and paths
Preliminaryly, these groups and distances apply:

10-12 years (born 2006-2008) 1840 meters (4 turns)
8-9 years (born 2009-2010) 920 meters (2 turns)
6-7 years (born 2011-2012) 920 meters (2 turns)
4-5 years (born 2013-2014) 460 meters (1 turn)

Start times and heating
Preliminaryly, these are the times that apply:

0-3 years (born 2015 and later) 460 meters (1 turn)
10-12 years (born 2006-2008) at. 11:45
8-9 years (born 2009-2010) at. 5.12
6-7 years (born 2011-2012) at. 12.20
4-5 years (born 2013-2014) at. 12:35
0-3 years (born 2015 and later) at. 12:45

Before each race, our helpful and kind characters keep warm for all children. In many participants we can divide it into more groups.
Registration and cost
The application will open in spring 2019.

number bibs
The number tags are collected at the information center at Stortorget at the entrance to the festival area. We will open there at 10.00 and you will have downloaded the number plate no later than 30 minutes before start.

No timing
The race has no timing.

Immediately after the finish, everyone gets a nice medal. Then you go to the information desk where you pick up a box from McDonald's.
It contains drinks, fruit bags and a value check on a Happy Meal. Include the number tag. On this there is a box that we tick in when you get your box.

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