Karlskrona Pub Round

  • på Karlskrona city
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Karlskrona's 9 participating taverns open the doors to give you a taste experience!


On September 21 at 17:00-22:00 Karlskrona's 9 participating Pubs open the doors to give you a taste experience. Drinks and food are the focus, but above all, it is Karlskrona pub's range that you want to highlight.

Participating taverns are:
Level, Biobar, Sjörök, New Pantry, The Fox & Anchor, Elsa's little pub, Vass, Archipelag Hotel and the new SMOKE inn!
Menus will be updated soon, so you can plan how you want to take your route.

No pre-registration required! You start at any tavern and then you completely decide on the taste which you visit.

Each tavern has put together a small dish with a suitable drink for SEK 90. So you can go from pub to pub and taste your choice of what can be a 9-course dinner. For every dish tried, you get a stamp in the Taste Card. The question is who can fill the whole card with stamps?

The city train will have stops in connection with the participating taverns. Free ride for participants.

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