Cykla i Blekinge

Karlskrona Bike

- where to ride in the Naval town?

Beautiful Karlskrona is undoubtedly one of the country's best bicycle towns. Bring your own bike or rent a bike locally and discover the Naval town from the bike saddle. This way you will not have to find parking spaces and can enjoy a glass of wine for lunch.


Cykla i Karlskrona, Blekinge

A town full of bicycle experiences.


Karlskrona archipelago

In total, the Karlskrona archipelago consists of almost 1650 islands and rocky islets, a fairly substantial amount of land mass that can be discovered both by walking and with a bike. Keep in mind that many islets are very small and that some are bird protection areas, other military objects. In the center of Karlskrona there are miles of nice bicycle paths right by the sea that provide good conditions for discovering the Naval town from the bike saddle.


Cykla i Karlskrona, Blekinge

Karlskrona is an excellent bicycle town.


Cykla i Karlskrona, Blekinge

The bicycle paths are clearly signposted in Karlskrona municipality. 


World Heritage Round

- almost 3 km depending on road selection. 

Start in the center of Karlskrona and experience the Stortorget (square) in the middle of Trossö (the highest point on the island) under the supervision of Karl XI himself (a statue on the square), Fredrikskyrkan, Tyska Kyrkan (the German Church) and the fantastic “Glassiären” where you can enjoy huge ice creams in home made wafers. Continue to the Amiralitetsparken where the huge bell tower impresses and continue to Björkholmen, Gamla Varvet  (old shipyard) with the repslagarbanan (rope manufacturing), Kungsbron with Bastion Aurora - it was here that the military and citizens gathered to welcome both kings and envoys during Karlskrona's impressive history. Do not miss the Amiralty Church, the old Rosenbom (with the parish's poor moneybox) and the fantastic Stumholmen with the Naval Museum, hangars and the sloopshed. Don't forget to bring swimwear as one of Karlskrona's most popular beaches is located on Stumholmen (just outside the Naval Museum).


Cykla i Karlskrona, Blekinge

Lovely Stakholmen in central Karlskrona offers nice rocks to sunbathe on.


Bath round Karlskrona City

- a 12 km round. 

Jump up on the bike and experience Karlskronas best city beaches. Try the rocks on Stakholmen (maybe not the world's best bath, but oh so cool rocks) and the beaches at Saltö Badplats (bathplace), Dragsö Camping, Långö and Stumholmen. The easiest way is to rent a bike in the city or start from one of the beaches along the way. Popular Dragsö Camping has twenty nice bikes for rent and also Sportkompaniet in the middle of town. From Dragsö Camping it is about five kilometers to Långö Badplats (bathplace) and just under 4 km to the Naval Museum and Stumholmen.


Cykla i Karlskrona, Blekinge

Very nice bicycle paths in Karlskrona. Ulrika Ottosson and Hampus Melin enjoy a ride in Karlskrona.


Cykla till Brändaholm i Karlskrona, Blekinge

Picturesque Brändaholm on the way to Dragsö.


Cykla till badplatsen Saltö i Karlskrona, Blekinge



Karlskrona Centre – Torhamn

- 32 km (depending of road selection).

Cykla i Karlskrona, Blekinge

Anders Gustafsson grows strawberries and vegetables outside Jämjö. During the summer (as long as there are strawberries) he sells vegetables and berries on the square in Karlskrona all the days of the week.

Start in central Karlskrona and follow the Borgmästarkajen past Fisktorget and Blekinge Museum on the way north. Keep the west side of Pottholmen and follow Sunnavägen past Tullparken, Bergåsa, Lyckeby and Lösen. Just after Barnens Gård you keep right on Öljersjövägen and bicycle parallel to the E22 (motorway) to Torsträva. Bicycle within the Trummenäset and Ramdala before coming out on Torhamnsvägen just north of Hallarum. From here, it is just over 10 km to the harbor in Torhamn. Do not miss Café Måsen in Torhamn. From Torhamn you can take the boat back to Karlskrona. Keep in mind that you can only bring the bike aboard as far as there is space. To be on the safe side, you should call Blekingetrafiken and check if there is space for the bike. Phone +46 455 783 31. 


Karlskrona – Hasslö,

- less than 35 km. 

Cykla i Karlskrona skärgård i Blekinge

Take the boat to Aspö and enjoy fantastic bicycle paths.

From Trossö take Aspö ferry to Aspö and continue straight across the island (4.7 km) or via Bäck and Kroken to Djupvik on Aspö's western side (6.7 km). From here you hop aboard the M / F Flaggskär which takes you across the strait to Hasslö Horn (10 minutes). The boat operates on Monday - Friday. Continue straight over Little Hawaii - that's the way the locals call Hasslö - and take a detour past the sandy beach Sandvik which is the best on the whole Hasslö. Don't miss Hasslö Harbourcafé in Garpahamnen and cycle north towards the E22 via Almö. Just north of Carlskrona Golf Club (Hjortahammar) you turn right towards Nättraby and follow the small roads through Grönadal.

From Nättraby you then follow the cycle path back to Karlskrona via Sunnavägen, Bergåsa, Pantarholmen and Pottholmen.



Karlskrona – Senoren, Sturkö och Tjurkö

- ca 33 km. 

Jump on the bike in the middle of Karlskrona and cycle north via Pottholmen, Pantarholmen and Bergåsa and further east through Lyckeby, Lösen, Öljersjö and Trummenäset before heading south and continue out on Senoren, Sturkö and Tjurkö. Don't miss the Brofästet Senoren with Baltic Café where you can have fried herring or a nice salmonplate. If you have time and opportunity to stay overnight on Sturkö or Tjurkö then the sunsets are magical. The shallow bathing area at Sturkö Camping is also popular with families with children. From Finskan on Tjurkö you can then take the boat back to Fisktorget. To be sure that there is space for the bike onboard, you should call the Archipelago traffic +46 - 455-783 31.


Coastal route Torhamn – Kristianopel

- 55 km. 

Cykla i Kristianopel i Blekinge

Fantastic Kristianopel is best suited for exploring on foot. Park the bike in the harbor - next to the café Sött & Salt - or adjacent to the campsite.


Bada på sandstrand i Kristianopel, Blekinge

A wonderful beach behind the campsite in Kristianopel.

From Torhamn follow the coastal road north to fantastic Kristianopel via Sandhamn (do not miss the restaurant in the harbour - Sail Inn - in Sandhamn, Truseryd, Svanhalla, Orranäs (Orranäs Gårdsmejeri) and Lavendelgården in Olsäng (where there is both a farm shop and overnight accommodation). A bead of cozy little villages that follow you all the way up to Kristianopel. Well in Kristianopel you can enjoy picturesque alleys, lovely gardens, good coffee at Café Sött & Salt and outstanding baths behind the campsite.There is a bus back to Karlskrona from Kristianopel, but unfortunately you can not bring your bike on board.



Cykla i Karlskrona, Blekinge

Don´t miss the lovely harbour in Sandhamn.

Rent a bike in Karlskrona: There are a number of bike rental companies around Karlskrona. Most hotels, campsites and holiday homes have bicycles for rent. In central Karlskrona Sportcompaniet rent bicycles at Hantverkaregatan 9. Expect it to cost SEK 100 per day, SEK 170 for two days and SEK 230 for three days. Sportcompaniet, phone: +46 (0) 455-147 60. Dragsö Camping phone: (46)455-153 54 and Aspö Skärgårdskiosk phone: +46 (0) 72-384 78 18 


To eat in Karlskrona

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