Karlskrona beer festival 2019!

This year, the popular Karlskrona beer festival moves to restaurant Landbron. At the same time, the festival is growing with more exhibitors and the opportunity to receive even more visitors.


Landbrons fantastic environment and courtyard will give the festival a super-fine setting.
With 100's of beer in the range, there is great focus on flavors and breadth in beer. It will be possible to botanize in everything from spontaneous sour yeast beer to modern New England IPA.

The dates of the festival are May 24-25. With Landbro's large courtyard and hopefully sun and heat this year, we have really good conditions for a top festival. Among the exhibitors you will find both importers and brewers, the special we think is the diversity of beer and the relaxed atmosphere, with us you get the chance to really talk to the brewers, which is not always possible at other festivals.

Exhibitors include:
Galatea, Constant Companion, Brill, Premium Beers Sweden, Klackabackens brewery,
Ängöl, Emmabodabrewery, Bier brewery 19 and Odd Island.

You can purchase the tickets online via tickster.com, see the link down below.

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