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Island jump in the beautiful waters of Blekinge. Discover the unique archipelago at your own pace. It is both exciting and comfortable, the archipelago traffic is regular with dense traffic. You buy the tickets onboard the boats. See all archipelago tours here -  Archipelago traffic

Fisktorget i Blekinge
A great way to start your island-jumping in Karlskrona archipelago is Fisktorget in Karlskrona city.




Utklippan is Sweden's southeastern island, and you will arrive on the island by boat M / F Sjöbussen, which is right next to the Aspö ferry. On the way out to the island it feels like you are on a seal safari, it is a large seal colony right next door. When you are in the guest harbour, you can go ashore and check-in at the island hostel. Stroll for a while and explore the island's wildlife. Enjoy some food or magnificent 360-degree view at the top of the lighthouse. Maybe it will be a barbecue buffet with entertainment. Utklippan is really a must to visit, book your accommodation here - Utklippan

Utklippan i Blekinge, Sverige
Magiska Utklippan.




Discover cosy Aspö! Take the Aspö ferry from the trading port in Karlskrona, it takes less than half an hour. At Aspö you can visit Drottningskär's castle from the 17th century and maybe eat some food there. You can play golf, tennis and ride Icelandic horses. The island has a shop, several artists and galleries. Rent a bike and experience Aspö along the winding roads, through forests and pastures, beaches and cliffs. If you want to stay overnight with a beautiful view, you should stay at Aspö Lotstorn. It is an archipelago hotel that has five small rooms in the tower, one room on each floor. It will be an exciting experience, just that.

Aspö Lotstorn
Boka övernattning på Aspö Lotstorn med fantastisk vy.




If you are in Karlshamn, you are a short boat ride from Kastellet. Here you can feel the history of the win and get the feel of rumbling cannons from 1675 when the walls of the castle were built to protect Karlshamn from attackers who came by sea. You can get guided tours and look for the hidden GPS treasure. Combine your visit with buying a ticket to the summer theatre that is played every year at Kastellet.

Archipelago beads

- a day trip or vacation on an island

Hasslö & Sturkö

The famous islands of Hasslö and Sturkö have a bridge connection with the mainland. Hasslö is actually called "Little Hawaii" because it is always sunny on the island and for its shallow beach Sandvik. At Hasslö you eat well right next to the water at Hasslö Hamncafé. At Hasslö is also the Carlskrona Golf Club with an 18-hole course, spectacular and beautiful in the middle of the Karlskrona archipelago. Book your accommodation at Vandrarhemmet Skärgårdsvilan or add your boat in Garpahamnen. Please schedule your stay when it is the Hasslöf festival, it is a fantastic experience!

Sturkö is Blekinge's most significant island with lots of beautiful bathing bays and phenomenal fishing waters. Here you stay nice at Sturkö camping and can make an excursion to Sturkö mill which has a summer café with excellent views. Another exciting visitor destination is Bredavik's Örtagård with display garden and serving with the sale of crafts, spices and exciting things.

Over the elegant Möcklösund Bridge on the way to Sturkö, you can stop for a snack at the farm shop which is located right at the bridge bracket. A perfect place to stay with your camper. The island you visit at is called Senoren. Here you can pause your trip for a picnic or swim. If you like cycling or paddling, you are fine. Book an overnight stay at the campsite, and you need bicycles for rent here.

Fisktorget i Karlskrona
Back in Karlskrona city after a day's island-hopping in the Karlskrona archipelago.



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