I Juletid 2021 - Christmas concert

Concert with Elisa Lindström, Magnus Johansson and Marcos Ubeda.


Enjoy the concert "I Juletid" for the 18th time, and permanent ensemble members Magnus Johansson and Marcos Ubeda are very happy to reconnect with Elisa Lindström this time. This trio has been shown before that they can create a very special musical magic together.

Elisa has established herself as one of Sweden's most famous and appreciated artists and has done a number of host assignments and also the celebrated achievement as the main character in Sound of Music at Nöjesteatern in Malmö.

In addition to Elisa, Magnus and Marcos, as usual, a number of local choirs and music corps participate.
Other participants: The Voices

Ticket price: 390 SEK
Tickets can be purchased at ICA Laxen in Mörrum and via www.juliusbiljettservice.se, please look at the booking link.

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