Everything started 300 years ago. The high power Sweden needs a powerful fleet and seeks a protected location for a new war base that can defend the Swedish lands. And some islands in Blekinge's archipelago fit perfectly. The best engineers, shipbuilders and architects are hired to follow KarlXI's will. As knowledge and labour are primarily taken from the other side of the Baltic, this becomes a place where many languages are spoken. Soon an efficient shipyard and a magnificent city will grow. A city worthy of a king; Carl's Crown.

Kungsholms Fort i Blekinge

Book a guided tour to Kungsholms fort in Karlskrona archipelago.



Go on adventures

- in the world heritage town of Karlskrona

Jump ashore on a real 17th-century fort and peek through the defensive walls of the defence walls. Step into the 300-meter-long Repslagarbanan and hit the rope as you did several hundred years ago. Look down at the Polhemsdock from the 18th century and imagine how 600 men dug out of the rock seven years before it was ready. And realize that Navy ships are still being repaired here!

Repslagarbanan i Karlskrona

Repslagarbanan at Lindholmen is the world heritage site Örlogstaden Karlskrona.



Spice up your adventure

Are you curious as to why Nilsson got his fish warm on Kronohäktet? Or why you should refuse the poor man's "knacks"? Then you should listen to original stories through an app - in the place where it actually happened. You can also spice up your experiences through dramatizations, empathetic guided tours or shows on various themes. The mobile app "World Heritage" and more historical stories you can download can be found on the Hi-story.



Guided tours

Much of the world heritage is easily accessible in the city, but some are located in the military area. For example, if you want to visit the ropes course, you need a certified guide. You can book a guided tour at the Tourist Center in Karlskrona.

Fler museum

- i Blekinge

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Historical impressions

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