Hiking trail - Kohageleden

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Hiking trail by Eriksbergs nature reserve.


Enjoy wonderful nature at this 5 kilometer long hiking trail, near Eriksberg situated approximately 10 kilometer east of Karlshamn.

The nature reserve Eriksbergs Shores goes outside the fenced park and offers beautiful walking trails along the coastline. The trail Kohageleden has among other things a lovely beech forest that goes all the way to the water's edge. You start at the entrance driveway at Eriksberg and walk to the cottage called Kohagen.

The shores of Eriksberg consist mainly of cliffs. In cracks and at places with deeper soil the trees grow close to each other with a range from marshland to beech woods. The walking trails are marked from both directions. The hike is quite demanding but offers fantastic views over the sea. Along the trails you can see the remainings of the small cottages that in former days were inhabited by fishermen and small farmers.

Directions Kohageleden/the eastern trail:
Drive on E22. Follow the brown-white signposts toward Eriksberg Vilt & Natur (wildlife park).
Park by the gate and walk eastwards.
GPS: N 56°11’26” E 15°00’00”

Do you want to visit Eriksberg Wild & Nature Reserve too? Eriksberg is a 900 hectars fenced park with an entrance fee. Inside the properties both red deer, fallowdeer, bison, moufflon and wild boar live and thrive. The birdlife is also rich. More information is to be found at www.eriksberg.se.


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