Vandra i Blekinge


- nature experiences with no stress.

Instead of chasing kilometers along Blekinge's all hiking trails (and also measuring the time), we usually feel better if we leave the demands at home and focus on the feet against the ground. Bring really good food and enjoy the hours around the campfire.

Vandra i Blekinge

Sit down and enjoy the moment. And a really nice meal.



It´s easy these days, when it´s all about performing, running faster and letting the weekend excursions in the forest follow the same pace as in everyday life. We are accustomed to hurry, accustomed to perform and little obsessed with catching up with as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Call it stress or whatever. Quite frankly, it is neither good for the body nor the head and instead of time optimization we need relaxation, enjoyment, calm and deep breaths. Listen to it, it sounds like the world's best nature experience.


Vandra i Blekinge

To see a woodpeckers nest is not common.

Vandra i Blekinge

Coffee break is a pure pleasure.



Angeliqa Mejstedt, who runs the popular Hiking blog Vandringsbloggen, got tired of the stress in nature and invented the concept of hikefulness. Like mindfulness while hiking. Anyone who has experienced nature at close range can relate to the feeling that arises when the sunlight falls just right between the trees, the wind causes the leaves to rattle and you breathe in the scent of wet soil and moss after a summer rain. When you sit at by the sea or lake, light a campfire and see the flames dancing under the moonlight. Just here and now. It is hikefulness for me, says Angeliqa who noticed how the shoulders fell as soon as she came out in the forest, or put on her boots at home in town. Could it be a coincidence? Not a chance.

For me, hiking has never been about kilometers, distances or altitudes, but about the feeling of being out.

I do not want nature to be another room where we perform and bring in different performance elements in the experience. Everyone may of course do as they please. Run, bike, swim or walk. But I want to enjoy the moment and feel how nature embraces me, preferably beside a burning campfire,  says Angeliqa and laughs. Something she often does.


Vandra i Blekinge

Angeliqa Mejstedt talks about the hikefulness as often as the hike itself.


Easy and close

A good tip to enjoy nature's tranquility is to walk short day trips around home. Plan a hiking excursion in the nearest nature reserve (in Blekinge there are almost one hundred different nature reserves) with a varied nature, both in the forest area and far out by the sea.

You will find the whole list of the Nature Reserve here.   

Vandra i Blekinge

Beautiful Almö in Blekinge Archipelago.

In addition, a great project is ongoing,  Ark56, which packages fantastic kayak, boat, bicycle and hiking trails in the Blekinge archipelago. And of course Blekingeleden, which stretches from Sölvesborg in the west to Bröms in the east. (Right now a great restoration- and diversion - of the Blekingeleden is in progress, which means that old maps do not always correspond to reality). For security reasons, you need pay extra attention when you walk and follow marked hiking trails rather than old maps.


Three tips

- on really good hiking trails



Almö Nature Reserve. I love the island, the ancient oaks, the peculiar nature of the landscape. The insects in laying and standing dead wood. The bathing. Just the feeling of having the opportunity to experience nature's old age right on the ocean makes me return time and time again. Park on the western side of Hjortahammarsviken and walk south towards Almö udde (where there is also a parking). Unfortunately there is no round loop but you can walk back on the road or follow your own footprints back to the car. It´s about 5 km long trail.


Vandra på Almö i Blekinge

Beautiful Almö in Blekinge Archipelago.



Beautiful Tjärö. Take the boat from Järnavik to Tjärö and experience the archipelago's excellence. It is not often you can hike in Blekinge and combine the hike with good accommodation with hotel standard and really good food at the restaurant. Of course you can also bring your own food and camp at the tent site. You can follow the yellow Strövstigen (3 km) or the much easier blue Naturstigen (1.5 km). In addition, you can follow the coastline around the island and go just as far as you want.



Vandra i Blekinge

Good hiking facilities at Tjärö.



Mörrumsån – Långasjönäs, Karlshamn. Start at Mörrumsån and follow the varied nature of the forest landscape south towards Davrasjön, Bengtshoka, Södra Hoka and further into Långasjönäs Nature Reserve where the lake landscape offers pictures to remember (Blekinge's forest areas do not become more beautiful than this). Distance about 17 km. If you still have some energy, you can try some of the exercise trails around Nytorpet (1 - 8 km).  Blekingeleden Karlshamn

Vandra i Blekinge

Hiking along the Mörrum river roaring waters.


Good to bring 

To pack for an easier day trip: backpack 20 - 30 liters with a nice support belt, warm sweater, windbreaker / rain jacket, thermos with hot drink, cold drink, coffee (or food) and sleeping mat. Do not forget the map and compass and preferably some extra snacks when you need some extra energy  


Vandra i Blekinge

Bring the dog and stay often ( which dog doesn't love to be patted often).


Full-time hiker Angeliqa Mejstedt never leaves home without three important things: ignition steel (works to make fire even when it is wet), knife and vaselined tampons.

In this way, I can always make fire regardless of the weather, ”says Angeliqa Mejstedt.


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