Hawaii party at Hasslö harbor cafe

  • på Hasslö
  • +46 73-385 00 80
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The 5:th of July, it's time for Hawaii party at Hasslö harbor cafe this year again! Grevens band will play at the big scene!


For the second year in a row it's time for the Hawaii party at Hasslö, which is also know as the little Hawaii. The staff will be dressed up in Hawaii wreaths, they will serve welcoming bonfire and there will be full of decorations! They will serve Fish tacos, which is very popular in Hawaii. Pineapple cider will be served and the evening menu has more to offer!
"Grevens" band will be performing at the big scene!
The Hawaii party is a pre-party for the Hasslö Festival, which is the next coming weekend.
Admission starts from 19:00 and the event is going on until 00:00!
There is also a possibility to hire a cabin or a camper area in Hasslö "Stugby"
Hasslö harbor cafe is next to Garpahamnen.
Taxi: Boat taxi is available.
Admission: 150 kr

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