Ridingtrails in the Wilderness

Discover Sweden's longest riding trail that extends through beautiful forests, sunny glades and quiet lakes – perfect places for a break. Blekinge has several riding clubs, stables and Box and Bed that suit you coming from afar with your horse. Stay a few days and experience Swedens most southern wilderness from the horseback. We have gathered the riding trails and the best tips for you and your horse.



- The best experiences from the horseback

Gather some friends and your horses. There are different trails to choose from and the last one is called Halens ridleder (Halens ridingtrails). Start and finish is marked with a star on the map. Here it´s possible for you to park your car with a trailer. You can also tie the horse while preparing the ride. Halens Ridingtrails consists of 3 different coloredmarked trails and extends over 15 km. The red-marked, which also is the longest trail, 7.7 km – makes it possible for you and your horse to take a dip or cool of at the bathing place you are passing by. You can also stop by and let the horses rest in a field while you are having a ”swedish fika” (coffee break)! There is also a barbecue place with firewood and nice seating. The trails are well marked and enjoy the nice ground.

Download a map of Halen's riding trails Halens ridleder.

riding in Olofström

In connection with the riding trails you will find Olofströms riding club, Olofströms ridklubb, a riding center with both riding school, courses, competitions and Pay & Jump.



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