Se och göra i Sölvesborg, Blekinge

See & Do


- and stroll in the center

Nice welcoming and good service. Sölveborg is not like any other city. Don’t you get a little happier and feel more like shopping when you are met with a warm smile and an offer to help you find what you are looking for? And isn’t it fun when you do a bargain that you don’t find anywhere else? 

Free parking 

In the center there are also grocery stores, pharmacy and a Systembolag. And you only need a p-card in the car window to park for free. You can get the card in stores and at the Tourist Office.

Most shops in the center are open weekdays at. 10:00 to 18:00 and saturdays at 10:00 to 15:00.

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- in the sun and sea breeze   

We are so proud of our beautiful sandy beaches. Many are shallow and suitable for families with children. In Hällevik there is a temperate open-air swimming pool with a slide. In Hällevik and Tredenborg there are beaches especially for dogs.

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- in scenic and varied nature

A part of Sydostleden passes Sölvesborg and the Sölvesborg Bridge. With its 760 metres it is Europe's longest walking and bicycling bridge. If you want to bicycle along charming fishing villages, white sandy beaches and nature reserves, Listerlandet Bicycle route is perfect.



- through beech woods, by the sea and in the wilderness

There are many hiking trails of varying length in Sölvesborg. At Listershuvud and Stibyberget the trails are excellent, with maps available at the tourist office in Sölvesborg. Blekingeleden is more than 220 kilometers long. You can hike between Sölvesborg in the west and Kristianopel in the east. In Sölvesborg, Skåne-Blekingeleden begins at Sölvesborg's Central.



- on one of Sweden’s premier golf courses

Sölvesborg's Golfclub is located by the Sölvesborgsviken, overlooking the city. There is a varied park and sea side course called a tucked jem by Svensk Golf.

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In Sölvesborg you can catch big fish both in the sea and in Grundsjön, a lake located on Ryssberget near the border to Skåne. You buy the fishing licenses in an atumomat at Grundsjön or online at iFiske.

The best fishing in the sea can be found in:

Norje Gryt: Sea trout, garfish, pike & perch

Hällevik, Kråkenabben, Björkenabben: Sea trout, garfish, pike and skeg

Sillnäs udde: Sea trout & garfish

Tredenborg: Sea trout, garfish, pike & perch

Valjeviken: Pike, perch & whitefish

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Lär känna Sölvesborg

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