Gårdsbutiken i Lörby - Farmer shop

Farmer shop in Lörby


We sell home-grown asparagus, potatoes, kale and firewood as well as eggs from Äggaboden. Contact us for opening hours.

During the summer, we are OPEN DAILY 08.00 - 19.00 from May to November

Also sold pumpkins in all sizes.

Mix a good salad, we have what you need:
Iceberg lettuce - Tomatoes - Cucumbers - Radishes - Dill - Parsley

We can also offer:
Carrots - Beets - Parsnips - Cabbage - Turnips

Do not forget to shop at home:
Potatoes - Eggs - Onions (yellow, red and white)

Try our good Raspberry Jam cooked in the old fashioned way with home-grown raspberries.

Also sales of ice cream.

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