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Fishing in Blekinge

Blekinge Big Bite!

Blekinge is a fishing destination with a great wideness of fishing experiences, and all within an hour's radius by car. There is plenty of professional wells maintained fishing facilities with accommodation, fishing equipment and guides to rent. Here you can catch salmon in running water, fish pike in the archipelago and sneak along by kayak or wade along the coast. Trolling fishing is high class, and you can catch really coarse salmon. You can also land whitefish, draw herring, beak fish, land bream and id.

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge
Mörrum river and Mörrum's Kronolax fishing.



Fishing waters

- in Blekinge

Blekinge offers an exciting mix of fishing waters such as flowing rivers, lakes, coast and sea. Here you will also find well-known Mörrums Kronolax fishing with sea trout fishing and salmon fishing that attracts anglers from all over the world. You will discover northern Europe's closest archipelago and the coast of ten miles. The landscape also houses an exciting wilderness and Sweden's lake descents district.

Digital fishing license

Find exciting fishing waters in Blekinge and find out the latest fishing reports via iFISKE where you can also buy fishing licenses digitally via the app (App Store or Google Play) or swish.

Fiskevatten i Blekinge
The stream at Harasjömåla Fiskecamp.


Salmon & sea trout fishing

- on Mörrum's Kronolax fishing

Mörrumsån is an international super celebrity for anglers with hopes for pacifiers in the form of salmon and sea trout. Mörrum's Kronolax fishing has been an established fishing destination since 1941 and the premiere weekend is the most awaited weekend of fishing enthusiasts this spring. At Kungsforsen is Laxens Hus with, among other things, sport fishing office, restaurant and an exhibition that tells about the fishing in Mörrumsån through the ages. Here you will also find out more about what it is like to be salmon and see some of the fish species found in the river in the 13-meter long aquarium. There is also a fishing shop with a large assortment in the room. During the fishing season, Laxens Hus is the heart of the fishing community. This is where you hear the most incredible big fisherman stories and have excellent opportunities to see the fight between fish and man up close. If you want, you can get help finding the best fishing spots by taking a guided tour with one of Kronolax fishing's experienced guides.

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske i Blekinge
Mörrums Kronolaxfiske.


Laxlyckan (Salmon luck) offers fantastic fishing waters for salmon, trout and rainbow. Fishing in Blekinge's beautiful waters from its right side and sharing your fishing luck with fishermen from all over Sweden and other parts of the world. Laxlyckan is happy to provide suggestions on times and fishing water based on your wishes and experience of Laxlyckan. You can choose only fishing or a whole with transfers, accommodation, guiding and good food. With the Salmon Luck from you a pleasant fishing experience! Read more and book here - Laxlyckans Fly Fishing


Laxalyckans Flugfiske i Blekinge
Laxlyckans Flugfiske offers fantastic fishing waters.


Pike fishing

The pike population is plentiful, the average catch is 70-80 centimetres, and from spring to autumn, anglers flock among the middle and outer archipelago's pits, islands and deep edges. Blekinge's all fishing operators offer many different affordable fishing packages. Combine fishing with suitable accommodation, top-notch dining experiences and activities as desired. Book superb fishing packages with accommodation and boat at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing or via Pikestrike Sweden.

Camp Dragsö Sportfishing i Karlskrona
Camp Dragsö Sportfishing.


Trolling fishing

Trolling fishing is an exciting challenge on open water with community and tactics. It is vital to control the boat, keep the right speed, use the right bait and analyze the way to the best fishing spot using the sonar. The preparation and the expectation of catching, will it be deep rig or surface? Salmon or trout? Trolling fishing requires both equipment and knowledge, it will be fun together with a guide. Book Sandhamn Marine or Abel's Laxtrolling & Charter, which will lead the way to your experience.

Brokamåla Gård

Brokamåla Gård i Blekinge

Brokamåla Gård offers high-quality outdoor activities, outdoor cooking and living in the middle of Sweden's southernmost wilderness. But its unique offerings and fantastic location make Brokamåla Gård the obvious choice if you want to enjoy the outdoors fully. Here you can bring your loved ones with you for an unforgettable experience and then end the day with a three-course dinner and a wood-fired sauna.

You also take the hunter's degree graduate with both theory and practice in an intensive education. Or, why not gather up a bunch of friends and try clay pigeon shooting or the adventure course?

Read more and contact - Brokamåla Gård

Harasjömåla Fiskecamp

Harasjömåla Fiskecamp i Blekinge

Harasjömåla is a real fishing paradise in the middle of Sweden's sea-tightest region. There are plenty of fishing experiences in the middle of the wilderness and within short distances. This allows you to fish in more than one lake if you wish. You can also fly fishing in flowing water after the rainbow, the range is both beautiful and soothing. Here you can chill and barbeque, exchange experiences and with excitement follow the fishing catches. In the lakes, you fish for both rainbow and trout, from land, jetty and boat.

At the fishing camp, there are cabins for rent, motorhome pitches and caravans. The environment is relaxing, enjoyable and the children also have their own fishing pool.

Read more and book here - Harasjömåla Fiskecamp


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