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Family vacation

- with tips to see and do for children in Blekinge

Blekinge is like a single giant playground with lots of activities for children. There is something for everyone.

The biggest challenge is which of all fun excursion destinations and children's activities you should choose if you do not want to experience all, of course. There really is everything from quiet family activities to breathtaking action adventures. How about, for example, fast-paced water games, educational tours of the museum, exciting excursions and pet-friendly animals?



Play & adventure

CHILDREN'S FARM | Perfect for a summer day with play and water parks, slides and vines you can swing out into the water. Cuddle with farm animals, jump in a giant bouncy castle, climb climbing racks, go haymaking, throw dots in rock cap and much more.

Barnens Gård i Blekinge


BODA BORG | Form teams of 3-5 people and choose from quests and themes. The idea is that you will manage from challenge to challenge, break codes and take you through obstacles. Everyone participates on the same terms, and it is the group's collective strength that plays a role.


BALL GAMES | Are you safe, have the right balance and maybe a little luck? Then you have a small advantage in Bollspelsgolf. A relaxed and playful game when you want to challenge each other. Also, the Bollspelsbanan is next door to Barnens Gård. Double up of fun things to do!

Bollspelsgolf vid Barnens Gård i Blekinge


KREATIVUM SCIENCE CENTER | How much do you weigh on another planet? How do vision and feel work? Try steering boats or challenging someone in amusing games. Kreativum Science Center stimulates curiosity and knowledge in science, technology and mathematics in a fun way.

​​ Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge


MINIGOLF AT DRAGSÖ | At Dragsö camping in Karlskrona there is a mini-golf course like no other. Here you can put balls on an adventure golf course with a surrounding miniature of Karlskrona's world heritage. You will find wooden figures in the form of Rosenbom, King Karl XI and a bunch of well-known buildings such as Kungsholms fort, Repslagarbanan and Grevagården. The course is 18 holes and fits the whole family!

​​ Minigolfspel i miniatyvärldsarvet på Dragsö camping


BIG SIZE PLAYGROUND | Another excursion destination for those who have run in their legs is Storlekplatsen in Olofström - a playground bursting with advanced play equipment for large and small children. At Snäckebacken in Ronneby is another playground with lots of fun. So pack a picnic basket and head there.


BRUNNSBADET & NATURUM | Grab the picnic basket and charge for a full day in beautiful Ronneby Brunnspark. The park with its cultural buildings is an experience as is the Brunnsskogen with its beautiful books. At Naturum there is the accessible lab where you can examine fish and small creeps. Ronneby Brunnsbad is an adventure pool for the whole family with the water slides Magic-Hole (93 meters long) and Aqua-Catch. Stay overnight at the Ronneby Brunn Hotel.

Brunnsbadet i Ronneby



BLEKINGE MUSEUM | Here are historical experiences for the whole family! Go exploring in the exhibitions, tinkering in the workshop or join a tour that takes you to the 18th century. Out in the yard, there is lovely Grevagrundet, a playground with archipelago inspiration!

Blekinge Museum i Karlskrona


THE NAVAL MUSEUM | How exciting! How does it feel to be aboard a submarine? How does it smell and sound? At the Marine Museum in Karlskrona, you will experience the mythical life at a depth of the sea. Both children and adults can try out different test-on stations and learn more about the submarine's fascinating history as well as discover what was previously more secret than secret. How exciting!

Marinmuseum i Karlskrona


THE TREASURE CHAMBER | Go on a journey of discovery in the Blekinge Museum's storehouse, which has over 60,000 objects from ancient to contemporary. Unique objects, everyday objects and totally unexpected things from the past. It is a real treasure trove with everything from tinsel and sequins in dresses from shows in the past to utensils that have been excavated or recovered from a thousand years ago. Here you can also see the figure from the world-famous shipwreck Gribshunden, which fell outside Ronneby in 1495. Enriching stories, pictures and old newspapers.

Blekinge Museums förrådsmagasin på Rosenholm



Nature & Outdoor

WILDLIFE SAFARI | Explore the wild animals at Eriksberg. There you can sneak out on safari in the beautiful deciduous forests. Also take the opportunity to take a ride in the cable car and see who can handle the climbing wall, before it's time to round off today's adventure.

Eriksberg Hotell & Viltsafari i Blekinge


PADDLE IN HALEN | Do you want to try canoeing together? At Olofströms Kanotcentral you can rent all the equipment you need. Glide over calm waters and enjoy the wilderness around Halen, which is Blekinge's largest lake. Step ashore on an island and make your own expedition. Once back again, you can continue to swim, jump from the jumping tower or rest out and enjoy an ice cream.

Olofströms Kanotcentral


ADVENTURE PADDLE IN RONNEBYÅN | Did you know that Ronnebyån is about 70 kilometres long and extends from Hovmantorp in Småland to Karlsnäsgården in Blekinge? Now you know! If you are curious to discover the river, it is easily fixed using a canoe. The paddle company in Ronneby rents out kayaks, complete with map and land transport. An exciting natural experience for the whole family. Feel free to bring your lunch and a cheerful mood!

Paddelkompaniet i Ronneby


MÖRRUM'S KRONOLAX FISHING | Scenic Mörrumsån, world-famous for its salmon fishing. Here is the world's largest population of salmon and sea trout, and Mörrum's fishing is Blekinge's most visited tourist destination. It is exciting to stand by the river and see the fly fishers in action, but even more appealing to try on family fishing. The family package can be booked between 15 June to 31 August. Bring your own snack basket, feed the ducks and relax. See the exhibition about the life of the salmon in Laxen Hus. Outside is also the official opening plastic for all fish caught. It is enjoyable to experience mood and joy when the sampling is done. When you get hungry, there is organic food at the Kronolaxen restaurant next door. If you are full of energy, you can hike a bit on the Laxal Trail which offers a varied and exciting adventure environment next to the flowing river.

Lummig grönskande miljö längs Mörrumsån vid Mörrums Kronolaxfiske


NATURUM | Explore Blekinge's nature, cultural landscape and outdoor life in a playful and informative way. At the Visitor Center Naturum there is something for all ages. Join a guided tour or participate in activities with nature as a playground. Naturum is located in the middle of Ronneby Brunnspark cultural reserve, close to Café Mandeltårtan.

Naturum i Blekinge

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