Dive into secret Blekinge

Barnens Gård (Children's Farm) an excellent summer day, or tricks, puzzles and other fun at Dunder's Deck and the Seamen's workshop. And what do you think about visiting a real submarine? HMS Neptun, a submarine in a hallway under water, so cool!

Barnens Blekinge, Kreativum

Photo: Kreativum Science Center


Try it yourself & discover

Are you curious about how things work? Do you want to learn and try things out for yourself? Then you should make a visit to Kreativum Science Center in Karlshamn.

Compete in Mindball

At Kreativum Science Center there are five squares with over 150 stations to discover, try out and come up with solutions. Feel the joy of getting the knowledge in an inspiring environment full of like-minded enthusiastic visitors. You can, for example, discover the forest, stars, and planets, as well as explore how fast you can react or challenge your mom or dad in Mindball - it´s competition in how well you can relax.

A playground with its island

Kreativum also has an outside park which is open all year round. It's an oasis divided between an island of a halo of Mieån flowing right by the park. On the island, you will find several stations. Here is also fountains with water, there is a raft which you are using a rope to pull you trough the water. You can also try the tunnel where you can crawl over to the island. Book a family package with accomodation, it´s economically benifcial.


Blekinge Exotiska Värld

Bild: Blekinge Exotiska Värld


Meet meerkat Timon for real

Want to meet the meerkat Timon in reality? You can find him in Blekinge Exotic World next to Kreativum in Karlshamn. He shares the dwelling with another 70 exotic species from around the world.

Timon gave his art a face Pumbaa glade sidekick in the movie "The Lion King". Here you also can find the world's smallest monkey, the dwarf silk. There are also several other monkeys to watch.

Snakes and Spiders

Blekinge Exotic World also has a four-meter long tiger phyton you can meet. If you prefer smaller snakes there are Hornvipera. The snake only measures 40 centimeters in full length. Further away it's a whole area with animals that has six to eight legs. It's the spiders of course. They have got their own show.


Barnens Gård, Lyckeby

Photo: Barnens Gård (Children's Farm)


Barnens Gård (Children's Farm)

Whoop, whoop, it is a must to go to the Children's Farm and water adventure land. Are you ready for this summer's coolest experience - Bull case? There is a 120 m long water slide, it is lightning fast and it will tickle in your stomach. Jump into a bathing ring together with a friend, share the experience of fun and maybe a bit mischievous.

Fill a beautiful summer day with play or som time to relax. Enjoy bathing in the water park that has wild river, stream channel, lianas and slides.

Hay cart rides

On the farm there are cute little animals, they have an important role at the Children's Farm. Take care of goats, chickens, rabbits, and pigs together with the zookeepers at the farm. Try the country life by taking a trip with a load of hay and visit the cows in the pasture. 

Even more fun to do

✔ Ride a turn on pony horse

✔ Imaginative climbing

✔ Giant Inflatables

✔ Trampolines

✔ Running mini tractor

✔ Driving electric cars on a track with mini-farms, stables and petrol stations


Do you buy an all inclusive ticket, you get to drink as much free juice and coffee throughout the whole day as you want, eat ice cream, and select from an optional lunch? You can even bake your own pizza, it tends to be delicious, and it is recommended!


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