Exhibition - "I want it to be completely clear what this is about" by Peter Johansson

In anticipation of a new cultural centre and a new art gallery, the Culture and Leisure Administration and Kruthusen Corporate Property will arrange a temporary exhibition, until the 4/8 in an industrial room in Torskors new business hotel.


Karlskrona Municipality closed Karlskrona art gallery at the end of 2018 in order to re-emerge in a wonderful newly built creative context - in the form of a cultural center in the middle of UNESCO's World Heritage - on the Main Square - in the middle of Nicodemus Tessin's southern European architectural design in a "small town".
It takes a few years before Dorte Mandrup's creation is finished (2022), and meanwhile unexpected and impossible art experiences will emerge. The first thing that happens is "I want it to be quite clear what this is about" with Swedish artist Peter Johansson - in an unexpected environment, in an unexpected context.
Karlskrona municipality is unusually honoured and proud to be able to present Peter's artistry once again in Karlskrona, his art has a special place in Karlskronaborn's hearts. "Sheep Law?" At Stakholmen 2005, is the work of art that made the strongest impression in "staun" in our time. "I have not met anyone who cannot refer to this image of the Swedish people's home - with the signal red element house with carpentry joy and" Dancing Queen "vibrations" says Culture and Experience Manager Max Dager.

The exhibition by Peter Johansson is an interesting collaboration with Kruthusen business properties - on Sweden's probably most significant male self-disclosing artist - on a heavy story about life in an unlikely environment.

Karlskrona Industri Konsthall
Tennvägen 14, Torskors. Open Sat-Sun 13-16, Mon 11-14. Weekend 30/5 and 6/6 at 13-16.
Free admission. Refreshment Fri 10/5 at 19.30.

Free admission!

The exhibition is not adapted for the disabled. The exhibition is an installation.
(The installation includes power cords on the floor so a wheelchair cannot move forward)
A staircase up to an upper level. No elevator.

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