Exhibition - Eva Rex

  • Karlshamn
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Exhibition by the artist Eva Rex at the Art Hall.


Exhibition by the artist Eva Rex at the Art Hall in Karlshamn between July 21 - August 8.

"Humanized musical instruments, household utensils, letters and animals. Weather and wind, snow and ice, summer and sun. Signs, crumbs and figures. This is my world of images. Etched, roughened and polished on copper plate and printed in black As a counterweight, I work with lithographs drawn on limestone and printed in many colors. Animals, plants, houses and people. The expression is completely different from the etchings. Sometimes I relax with linoleum cuts and then the images become simpler in shape, more powerful. Very appealing graphic technique. Lately I have been playing a bit with collage. Cut in old prints and watercolors pasted on a black background. " / Eva Rex

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