Eriksberg Wilderness & Nature

Eriksberg in Trensum, Blekinge, is the largest safari park in the Nordic region, focusing on the wildlife. Here you will find European bison, fallow deer, moufflon, Père David's deer, red deer and wild boar roam freely. In the summer you have the opportunity to drive a guided safari ride with your car through the park. Be sure to put in a picnic basket in the car, and enjoy a coffee break when you arrive at the viewpoint. It will be a perfect opportunity to look out over the stunning environment.

Viltsafari och boende på Eriksberg i Blekinge

On the savannah in Blekinge.



White Guide describes Eriksberg as a wild African lodge in the middle of Blekinge, Sweden. The overnight stay allows you to combine rich experiences, guided safari tours, conferences, afternoon tea and tailor-made activities just for your needs. At Eriksberg you live in high standard hotel rooms. Enjoy the sauna, Jacuzzi bath outdoors and rest warmly in the relaxation area. All the time is overlooking the savannah where the wild animals go and graze. It's both calm and beautiful!

Why go to Africa?

Bo på exklusiva Eriksberg i Blekinge

The manor at Eriksberg.



There is an exclusive accommodation with a hotel party that serves as a hideaway for meetings, relaxation, and overnight stays. Here you will have access to your sea view. Always with the wild animals present. To book this accommodation you need to make direct contact with Eriksberg.


Cycle safari

- a nature experience that strikes most

Cykelsafari bland vilda djur på Eriksberg i Blekinge

Bike safari is a group activity. Gather family and friends for an experience you can share together.



- and a taste of Blekinge

At Eriksberg you enjoy taste experiences for all the senses in the restaurant Visenten with the White Guide renown. In Restaurant Havsörnen you can enjoy deliciously cooked food with that little extra. Swedish flavours, cooking from scratch and raw materials from the farm prepared with such skill and skill that the experience turns into taste memories that preserved in all your senses.

Fine dining på Eriksberg i Blekinge

Fine dining.


Wine cellar and wine connoisseur

Eriksberg has room for nearly 9000 wine bottles in its wine cellar. The range contributes to new taste innovations that take the whole experience to a whole new level. The composition is created by Eriksberg's restaurant manager and sommelier, together with all the skilled cooks in place.

Exklusivt vinsortiment på Eriksberg i Blekinge

Impressive wine cellar.


Farm shop

In the farm shop, you will find self-produced and processed game products together with small-scale delicacies like marmalade, spices, and vinegar. The store also sells quality clothes, bags, and other accessories. Classy and stylish!


Facts about Eriksberg

The area where the wildlife strikes freely is at 925 hectares, and the animals that eat here are the number:

Det vilda livet på Eriksberg i Blekinge

  • 250-300 red deer
  • 700-800 fallow deer
  • 300-350 wild boar
  • 150-200 moufflon
  • 55 bison
  • 20 Père David's deer

Welcome to a wild world!

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