Welcome to our new hotel that is something beyond the ordinary.


Manor house with its sober elegance classic is restored and developed, other parts are brand new.
Relaxation area is the front-row seat to enjoy the animals in their own environment.

We offer accommodation with lots of personality, all rooms have their own unique character.
We tailor services to each customer's requirements, and offers a secluded accommodation for those looking for other experiences than an ordinary hotel. Here one finds a unique environment, where contrasts between eras and styles creates a compelling and vibrant atmosphere.

In 2011, a very special part of the hotel to be completed; Lily's cottage, with its exclusive seclusion and idyllic image out at sea.
In Lily's cottage, you will meet the grandiose Eriksberg, surrounded by spectacular views and wrapped with impressions of the senses.

And best of all, the beautiful countryside with the animals is where you go!

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