the archipelago

Skärgård och öliv i Blekinge.

Summer vacay

on an island

Bästa stället för öliv tillsammans med familjen i Blekinge.

Go island hopping

in the archipelago

Bästa stället för ö-liv ligger i Blekinge med en tät och reguljär båttrafik.

Go kayaking

in the archipelago

Kajaksommar bland öar och skär i Blekinge.

Explore and enjoy

Blekinge’s archipelago!

The sea is scattered with islands, coves, and skerries. Some not far apart at all, others separated by miles of open water. Most islands are lush, some are craggy. The kind that is well-suited for a longer stay, offering great restaurants and accommodation, and others where you spend just a few memorable hours. Maybe hiking, kayaking, bird-watching, enjoying a refreshing dip, or merely relaxing.

The fact that even Blekinge’s most popular islands are not too popular – uncrowded if not untouched – is a vast advantage if you seek seclusion, peace, and quiet. You’ll find plenty of beautiful spots with plenty of space. Stay for a week or for a short while before moving on to another island – there are thousands to enjoy!

Bästa stället för öliv och en riktig Bullerbyn - Tjärö i Blekinge.
Bathing from the cliff of death and coffee at the guest jetty - Tjärö.

Private or public?

If you travel by boat or rent a private boat during your visit, you’ll find plenty of cute, and well-kept marinas to stay in. And if you prefer a canoe or a kayak, you’ll reach the smallest and super secluded islands as well. Blekinge's public coastal ferries open up a world of wonderful island experiences by offering an accessible, sustainable, and affordable way to explore our unique archipelago. That’s truly great!

Bästa stället för öliv - Ta Tjäröbåten till Tjärö i Blekinge.
You can find ferry departures from Järnavik to Tjärö here - Tjäröbåten.

Explore the archipelago

The best spot for island hopping! Adventurous and relaxing achipelago living. Vacay in Blekinge 2023. Book your stay today!


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