Dans Orchester Blekinge Festival

  • Karlskrona
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On Saturday the 20th of August there will be dance and music in Wämöparken. On the scene there will be The Playtones, Dolbyz and Markus' orchestra. Thomas Deutgen will be hosting the event.


18.00 Opening ceremony by Thomas Deutgen
18.10 Markus' orchestra interview + running time
19.00 The Playtones interview + music
19.50 "Så här vill jag leva" specially written song by Martina Karlsson played live
8 p.m. Dolbyz interview + music
20.50 Tipsy Dance Club dance performance
21.00 The Playtones
About 22:00 End

The festival is part of the documentation project Dansband Blekinge, which is a collaboration between Blekinge Museum, Musik i Blekinge and Blekingearkivet.

Free entrance!

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