Cykla i Olofström, Blekinge


Using the bike as a training tool is becoming increasingly popular for both training purposes and pleasure. Cycling is an activity that suits most people, regardless of whether the goal is to mate between logs and rocks on a 30-speed mountain bike or to feel the wind in the hair of an old Monarch.


Hilly terrain

Ryssberget in southwestern Blekinge is a popular destination for mountain bike enthusiasts year-round, but especially during the summer months when the tree crowns lie like a green roof over the trails. Bokskogen is one of Sweden's oldest and gives the nature reserve a large part of its beauty. With its 150 meters above sea level, Ryssberget is a contrast to the otherwise relatively flat landscape, and it is a beautiful experience to get to one of the many hilly paths. Are you new to the MTB saddle? Instead, stay on one of the marked trails that cross the area.

Ryssberget, Sölvesborg.


Cycle on pathway

A more relaxed route is the old embankment between Olofström and Sölvesborg, which is now a perfect cycle path for families with children. This is due to the paved surface and the fact that the 28-kilometre long trail is entirely car-free. The stretch that runs all the way to Listerlandet in the south offers most things. Here you will find everything from idyllic places for a short lunch break to destinations like Gudahagen just outside Näsum with mythical tombs from the Iron Age and lovely nature experiences in Ljungryda Nature Reserve next to Skånegränsen.




Sydostleden classed if one of Sweden's best cycling routes also withdraws from the Småland Växjö in the north, via, among others, Karlshamn and Kristianstad, to Simrishamn in the Skåne Österlen. Six miles of the total of 27 miles next to the pedestrian trail winds through our landscape. If you do not feel like giving yourself on the whole route, you can focus on one or a few stages that suit you and your company. The seven stretches are three to five miles long, and the difficulty levels easy to moderate. It is so clear to put together your own route based on where you want to start and how far you want to ride.



For those of you who prefer to change the roads to 800 square meters of skate paradise, Karlshamn is the right destination. In addition to skateboarders, Karlshamn Skateplaza attracts both BMX and kick-bike fans. Challenge yourself in the park's tight bends, tricky stairs, rail and curbs, or just pause for a moment to watch the other riders.

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