Course in high sensitivity with Martina Hårstål

Do you belong to 20% of the population?


• Are you an empathetic person who gives a lot to others but sometimes forgets yourself?
• Do you know other people's moods and how others feel?
• Do you appreciate deep conversations more than small talk?
• Do you think that sometimes it becomes too much and that you need to withdraw?
• Do you think about things more than most others (analyzing or dwell)?

Then you may have the personality trait high-sensitivity (HSP, highly conscious) that about 20% of the population has.
In this course, you will learn more about your personality traits and how you can see the benefits of it. You bring up topics like working life, parenting, talking about different emotions but above all how you create the life you want to live.
You will also do relaxation exercises and other practical exercises.

Martina Hårdstål, Dipl. High Sensitivity Therapist

Price: SEK 2400 for 8 occasions. The course is held in the Red Cottage at Hästö in Karlskrona (not v37)

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