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Two bands are in charge of the evening and will bring out only the best of what they have to offer.
The two bands for the evening are "Christoffer and The Dudes" and "Lovisa Birgersson Band"


During the "Skärgårdsfesten" in Karlskrona the Pop Up tunes it up a notch to prepare for the coming festivities.

Christoffer and The Dudes makes a comeback to Fisktorger after last year's succés and
guarantees a nice groove with many favorites.

Lovisa Birgersson has been part of many of Paraply's former event over the course of the years. She is directly resposible for bringing fourth goosebumps and tears in the crowd with her touching voice!
Lovisa is sure to put Fisktorget in motion as she and her band hits the stage!

Free entrance!

Free entrance!

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