Concert: You can't learn old dogs how to sit

Music and anecdotes about Fredrik II of Prussia. Enlightened despot, musician, military strategist, philosopher - Fredrik the Great is often described as a king of contradictions. He pushed through his ideas in a disciplined and successful manner.


But the plan to get the starving peasants to grow the then unknown nutritious potato turned out to be a hard-cracked nut. The suspicion of the oval tuber was great and the grain tradition was too strong. It is difficult to teach old dogs how to sit ...

Over the years, Fredrik became as stubborn as the peasants he once so eagerly wanted to convince and preferred his dogs' company over his advisers. Stubbornness can also be a blessing - what a fortune that Fredrik the Great loved music! With great generosity he caused the music life to flourish and develop in a very own direction - die Berliner Schule.

Emelie Roos - recorder Hanna Thiel - violin Dohyo Sol - theorbo

Location: Galjonshallen, Marine Museum
Free entrance.

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