Concert with the Swedish Royal Naval Band - Veteran's day concert

Anyone who has been employed in the Swedish Armed Forces and made contributions internationally and nationally, with or without weapons, is a veteran.


A celebration of the veteran day as a general flag day means that the Swedish veterans are repeatedly noticed and made visible to the wider public. With this concert, we want to pay tribute to these people who have made a significant contribution to Sweden.

The Marine Music Year is conducted by Andreas Hanson, who is a well-known face at the desk when he previously worked as music director for the corps. The concert will be a musical journey with a breakdown in countries in which the Armed Forces made military contributions.

From the program:
Erik Berndalen - Veteran march
Kenneth J. Alford - The Vanished Army
George Butterworth - The Banks of Green Willow
Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov - from Scheherazade Op. 35

Free entrance!

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