Concert with Peter, Bruno & Matilda - (nästan) Unplugged

  • på Karlskrona Konserthusteater
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Now it's time again! Peter, Bruno and Matilda will go on tour again with the concept Unplugged. This time, it's a brand new show with new songs and lots of laughter.


Prior to this tour, the trio has created their own Youtube series, where they will publish episodes of exclusive interviews, latest news and samples for the concerts once a month. Even during the tour you can follow them, both on and off the stage in personal and funny movie clips and live broadcasts.

The audience can look forward to two acts filled with magical vocals, riveting rock songs and finely tuned ballads mixed with a lot of personality and humor. The trio accompany themselves to instruments such as piano, bass, guitar, ukulele, drums and together they are offering musical quality that few can match.

You can purchase the tickets at Karlskrona tourist office as well as online on ticketmaster, see the link down below.

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