Concert - Holy nights' chapel

Stilla Nätters Kapell celebrates 10 years with two farewell performances!


After 9 years and 35 sold-out performances, the Chapel is getting ready to go on stage for the last time. Since 2011, the music society has invited to unforgettable concerts in unique environments.
Everything from castle halls, barns and industrial premises, to concert halls and churches. This year The chapel takes over a new venue to offer two exclusive farewell performances.

The two farewell performances with Stilla Nätters Kapell will take place December 30-31, 2021.
The final will be on New Year's Eve.

8 pm on 30th December - doors open at 19:00
3 pm on 31st December - doors open at 14:00

The length of the performance is currently not fully determined but is estimated to be between 2-3 hours.

Ticket price and categories:
This year, two different categories are available for each performance. Service fee of SEK 35 will be added to all tickets.
Seating parquet: SEK 660
Seating grandstand: SEK 595
Accessibility-adapted space: SEK 595
Each ticket includes a wheelchair space and a companion who enters free of charge.
Wardrobe: SEK 20
There will be a staffed cloakroom in the old Sports Hall. The wardrobe is run by local association life that receives all income.

Buy your tickets on-line, see link below.

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