Julbord att minnas i Blekinge

Christmas dinners

Unlike during the Christmas table carousel of the nineties, today's Christmas table is something completely different than before. Nowadays, food is more important than the party and as crucial as the taste is the condition and origin of the ingredients. This year there are also new vegetarian Christmas tables and cosy alternatives in the middle of the forest. Here you will meet some of Blekinge's best Christmas dinner makers.

Vegetariskt julbord på Mormos Bakeri i Blekinge
Vegetarian alternatives are becoming more and more common among prince sausages, meatballs and Jansson's Temptation. At Grandma's Bakery, the whole Christmas table is vegetarian.


In my world, the Christmas table is an essential part of charging for Christmas. But hardly the alcoholic corporate parties at the big hotel, but rather the cosy little Christmas table that lets you enjoy local delicacies in a family atmosphere. Only a Christmas table to remember. Follow my favourites in Blekinge and enjoy home-made food in style.

6 Christmas dinner tips

1. Pensionat Järnavik (Ronneby)
Eating Christmas dinner down at sea does not belong to the usual, although large parts of Blekinge have a fabulous coastal and archipelago landscape. Take the opportunity to book a Christmas dinner experience in Järnavik and enjoy the serenity of the sea late in the season. Here you start the evening with a cup of mulled wine in front of the fire and continue with local dining experiences under the auspices of Hamnkrogen. New for this year is that you can stay overnight at the guest house and combine the evening's Christmas dinner with a pleasant overnight stay, an early walk and a delicious breakfast.

Information: Christmas dinner are offered on November 28 and December 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19.
Accommodation packages cost SEK 925 and include some warm mulled wine on arrival, Christmas table, accommodation, sheets and breakfast. If you only want to book a Christmas dinner, it costs SEK 575 during the evening and SEK 450 daytime.www.pensionatjarnavik.se

Julbord med underhållning på Pensionat Järnavik i Ronneby
Christmas dinner with a show at cosy Pensionat Järnavik.



2. Christmas in the magazine - Mandeltårtan, Ronneby.
In the newly renovated 19th-century magazine, you can now enjoy classic flavours to the aroma of freshly baked bread (the almond cake bakery is located on the bottom floor of the magazine). Here Angelica and Mattias Ragnar offer a familiar Christmas atmosphere in the old grain magazine with tableware, Christmas tree and gothic table. For despite an absolutely fantastic menu, it is still for dessert, for the goth table and all the sweet that the almond cake impresses most. This year Christmas is arranged in the magazine three days a week: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 18:00. Expect homemade baking, delicious crispbread and a herring table well above all you have tasted so far alongside grilled salmon and the Ragnar family's magical horsemeat sauce. Don't miss a stroll in Brunnsparken before settling down in the magazine to enjoy the Christmas flavours.

Information: www.mandeltartan.se Book via [email protected] or via 0046 761-74 50 05.

Julbord i magasinet hos Mandeltårtan i Ronneby

3. Hoby Kulle Herrgård, Bräkne-Hoby.
It is again time to invite you to a very special Christmas dinner in Hoby Kulle. Here you can enjoy genuine flavours in one of Blekinge's most giant mansion on the outskirts of Bräkne-Hoby.
Expect a lovely mix of classic dishes and new flavours at this year's Christmas table.

Information: Christmas dinners are arranged between November 20 and December 20. Monday - Sunday at 18:00 and during the weekends (two sessions) at 13:00 and 18:00. Price 695 SEK / per person. Book via [email protected] or 0457-107 10. www.hobykulleherrgard.se

Julbord i Blekinge



4. Wild Christmas table at Eriksberg Wild & Nature, Karlshamn.
The Eriksberg paradise is, without doubt, one of Blekinge's most exotic sights. Aside from unique encounters with wildlife (here are wandering deer, pigeon deer, red deer, wild boar and muffle sheep in a 1000 hectare fence) you can enjoy local game meat from Eriksberg's own slaughterhouse. Although the park is closed during this season you can still encounter the wild animals along the way between the entrance and the courtyard. Book an overnight stay at the hotel and combine the Christmas dinner with luxurious accommodation.

Information: Christmas tables starting on Friday 20 November. Price from SEK 595 / per person.
www.eriksberg.se book via [email protected] or phone 0454-56 43 30.


​ Julbord på Eriksberg i BlekingeViltjulbord på anrika Eriksberg vid Maravikens strand. [Klicka och drag för att flytta] ​
Julbord på Eriksberg i Blekinge
Julbord på Eriksberg


5. Mormors Bakery in Nötabråne (Karlshamn).
For those who appreciate small-scale simplicity in combination with vegeterian food Mormor's Bakery in Nötabråne is pure heaven. Unlike classic swedish Christmas dinners Mormor's Bakery offers a fresh presentation of everything one can do with the green. Here you can enjoy meatballs made from soybean and homemade delicacies endlessly. The small cottage decorated like the 1930s is the perfect environment. Here people from all over the world häng out. Of course, there are both gluten-free and vegan alternatives.
Information: The vegetarian christmas buffet is arranged on November 24, and December 1, 8, 15, 22. Price 199 SEK / person and 50 SEK / children. If you want a drink menu, depending on if you want wine or alcoholfree menu SEK 100-250  will be added per person. https://mormorsbakeri.se Book at [email protected] or 0762-477 160 (English).
Julbord på Mormors Bakeri
Wintertime at Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne.
Julbord på Mormors Bakeri
Julbord på vintriga Mormors Bakeri i Nötabråne.
Vegetariskt julbord på Mormors Bakeri i Blekinge
Vegetariska alternativ dyker allt oftare upp bland prinskorv, köttbullar och Janssons Frestelse. På Mormors Bakeri är hela julbordet vegetariskt.



6. Astensmåla Food & Wine homestead

This is the ultimate christmas table, the farm way. When darkness and cold fall, the warming fires are lit and the farm's Christmas table is set. Book your Christmas table experience and enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest while you take part in Astensmåla's popular and rich Christmas table consisting of classic old-fashioned recipes as well as new influences.

Information: The Christmas table is served from 19 November to 5 December. Price SEK 675 / person including welcome mulled wine and booked directly at www.astensmalagard.se. More questions contact [email protected]

Julbord på Kajutan i Hörvik