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Activities and to do for children in Blekinge.

Blekinge is like a single giant playground with lots of activities for children. There is something for everyone, small and large. The biggest challenge is which of all fun outings and children's activities you should choose if you do not want to experience all, of course. There is everything here from quiet family activities to breathtaking action adventures. What about, for example, fast-paced water games, educational tours of the museum, exciting excursions and pet-friendly animals?

Blekinge is a pure paradis for all children.


Visits for children


Children's Farm

Animals and water adventure

At Barnens Gård you can help the animal caretakers feed the small animals and go for a ride with a tractor. If you like speed and action, you will love the playground. Are you brave enough to go the water's 120 meters long swirling water slide? In the shallow part of the pool, there is the island of Bubblan where you climb to the top and then go down into the water.

Barnens Gård i Blekinge

Children´s Farm (Barnens Gård).



Ronneby Brunnspark

Rich in experiences

Grab the picnic basket and prepare for a full day in beautiful Ronneby Brunnspark. The park with its cultural buildings is an experience as well as the Brunnsskogen with its beautiful beech trees. At Naturum, you will find the open lab where you can explore fish and insects. Ronneby Brunnsbad is a water park for the whole family with the water slides Magic-Hole (93 meters long) and Aqua-Catch.

Brunnsparken i Ronneby, Blekinge. Bad, avkoppling och glass

Ronneby Brunn Hotel.



Adventure paddle

- in Ronnebyån

Did you know that Ronnebyån is about 70 kilometres long and extends from Hovmantorp in Småland to Karlsnäsgården in Blekinge? Now you know! If you are curious about discovering the river, it is easily fixed using a canoe. The paddle company in Ronneby rents canoes, complete with map and land transport. An exciting natural experience for the whole family. Feel free to bring your packed lunch and a happy mood!

Paddelkompaniet i Järnavik, Blekinge

Canoe trail in Ronneby.



Miniature golf

- with historical strokes

At Dragsö camping in Karlskrona, there is a mini-golf course like no other. Here you can play mini golf on an adventure golf course with a surrounding miniature of Karlskrona's World Heritage Site. You will find wooden figures in the form of Rosenbom, King Karl XI and a bunch of famous buildings such as Kungsholm's fort, Repslagarbanan and Grevagården. The course is at 18 holes and fits the whole family!

Minigolf på Dragsö camping

Play minigolf at Dragsö camping, Karlskrona.



Naval Museum

How Exciting Anything

How does it feel to be aboard a submarine? How does it smell and sound? At the Naval Museum in Karlskrona, you will experience the mythical life at the depths of the sea. Both children and adults can test different test-at-stations and learn more about the fascinating history of the submarines and take part in what has previously been more secret than secret. So exciting!

Vraktunneln på Marinmuseum i Blekinge

It's a small adventure to explore underwater in the wrecktunnel at the Naval Museum, Karlskrona.



Kreativum Science Center

Kreativum is a Science Center for curious people of all ages, a fantastic house filled with the joy of exploration and aha experiences. Kreativum is just over 2,000 square meters of experiences with about 170 "test-on" stations. Here is a variety of activities and is a perfect destination for the whole family, all year round. During the summer months, the outdoor oasis Kreapark is open, perfect for discoveries and play. Mischievous fountains, resonance swing, obstacle course and Archimedes screw invite you to discover - the risk of splashing water! Here you can also unpack your picnic basket and enjoy the park and Mieån's noise. Welcome to Kreativum! Find the current opening hours at

Kreativum Science Center i Karlshamn, Blekinge

Kreativum Science Center, Karlshamn.

Are you interested in animals and nature? Take the opportunity to visit Blekinge Exotic World with animals from five continents. Here everything from crocodiles to cute monkeys and poisonous snakes is crowded. In total, you will find over 80 different exotic animals with only a stone's throw from Kreativum's entrance. An exciting ending to a productive day!




There are even more wild animals at Eriksberg. There you can sneak out on safari in the beautiful deciduous forests. Also, take a ride in the cable car and see who can handle the climbing wall before it is time to round off the day's adventures.

Viltsafari på Eriksberg i Blekinge

Eriksberg, Karlshamn.


Viltsafari, café och restaurang på Eriksberg i Blekinge

Eriksberg, Karlshamn.



Fun playgrounds

Another excursion destination for those who have much energy in their legs is Storlekplatsen in Olofström - a playground bursting with advanced play equipment for large and small children. At Snäckebacken in Ronneby is another playground with lots of fun. Then pack "dad's mantle" with a picnic and go there.

Storlekplatsen i Olofström, Blekinge

Storleksplatsen, Olofström.




Try out how your family can cope with nerve-wracking challenges att Boda Borg in Karlskrona It's about cracking codes and getting through obstacles. Everyone participates on the same terms. It is the strength of the group that plays the most role. Teams of 3 to 5 people freely choose from quests and themes. Now you will be ready from challenge to challenge. Sometimes it goes easy while other times you get to rubbing your head over again and again. Get new energy in Boda Borg's café or restaurant. Good luck!



Paddle in Halen

Do you want to try to paddle canoe together? At Olofströms Kanotcentral you can rent all the equipment you need. Glide out over calm waters and enjoy the wilderness around Halen which is Blekinge's largest lake. Step ashore on an island and do your expedition. Once again, you can continue to swim, jump from the jumping tower or rest and enjoy an ice cream.

Paddla i Halen, Blekinge

Halen, Olofström.


Äventyrspaddla i Halen, Blekinges största sjö

Halen, Olofström.

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