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Canoe and kayak in lake Halen

- lake system & canoe trails

In the outdoor area Halens nature reserve lays Olofströms Kanotcentral. Rentalplace for canoes and kayaks if you want to explore the biggest lake in Blekinge called Halen. The lake is linked with other lakes and creates a lake district including  Raslången, Gillesjön, Filkesjön and lake Immeln. 

Halen lake in Blekinge


Newbie, family with kids or outdoor pro

Lake Halen is the perfect area and starting point, if you are a beginner or with your family and kids. You dont´t have to get far to experience the wild nature and outdoorfeeling. If you are experienced and equipped then paddel out for a longer exploringtrip crossing over to the surrounding lakes. The lifting can vary depending on the area, so rent a canoe cart, and you can spend all your good energy on the wonderful waters.

It's a mighty feeling when the paddle meets the surface and the canoe glides forward. Imagine a sparkling lake and you're in control.

Get out there safely

Olofströms Canoe Rental rents Linders aluminium boats, Inkas 525. It is unsinkable and ideal as a stable canoe for both novices or experienced adventurers and suitable for week-long trips that require extra packing. Its approved for carrying three people. If you want to fish or have disabilites it might feel even safer to add pontoons to create extra stability.

hyr din egna kanot
Canoes waiting for adventures

At the canoe rental you rent everything you need for overnight stay, and also rent SUP stand up paddeling boards, kayaks and specialized fishing kayak. Fishing is free in lake Halen if you rent your equipment at Olofstörms Canoe Rental. Fishing in the surrounding lakes requires a fishing permit that you can buy online or at the rental.

Advanced bookings are highly recommended. Book online, or get in touch with Olofströms Canoe Rental, if you want to talk about what kind of trip is best for your situation. Then everything will be organized for your arrival.


Camps & Overnight stay

The area has 13 organized camps. You find them marked on the map that is included in your canoe or kayak rental package. The organized camps has firepit, chopped firewood, toilets and garbage bins. At some camps you can stay in cosy shelters that protect you from wind and rain.

  • Bring necessariy equipment.
  • Check the weather reports.
  • Respect the wildlife and nature, always.
  • Be careful with fire, never leave a fire unattended.

family canoeing

To paddle in Sweden's southernmost wilderness is an experience for everyone!



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