CANCELLED - Berglund, Harryson & Wells

The concert has been postponed, the new date is September the 26th at 7.30 P.M.

It will be a fully-packed concert experience from the stage. Berglund, Harryson & Wells with orchestra and singing guests across the country, during the spring 2020. A warm tribute to the old-time live entertainment.


Many program leaders, chaplains and pianists have participated in the box over the years when the whole of Sweden has been waiting to be entertained. Now the first set of the success year´s of "Så ska det låta" is back, ready for a Sweden's tour!

Chaplain Johan Landqvist who led the "Så ska det låta" orchestra through the first twenty years came up with the idea of ​​gathering the trio after all these years to now reunite. Johan and the whole original band are of course joining the tour.

Participants are Nina Söderqvist and Janne Åström, as well as local singers who will be highlighted in each city around the country.

- We want to bring in the unique atmosphere that was in the studio during the first few years when we worked together, which was cut away for reasons of time. That is, the jam, the swing and the joy. It will be a song and music party. Here are expected both competition moments but also musical oases with all participants. We will make sure that the audience is a big part of the whole concert, ”says Berglund Harryson and Wells.

Berglund, Harryson and Wells participated in SVT "Så ska det låta" from 1997-2005.

PETER HARRYSON: The 1966 Stage School. The play, Stockholm City Theater, TV profile. Filming the sequel to Weddings, Funeral and Baptism. Directed by Colin Nutley.

ROBERT WELLS: “Rhapsody In Rock”, Awarded King's Medal 2012, PIanolager Wells Academy for Young People. Toured in China, England, US, Australia etc. and is up to date with the new book "Blood Sweat & Toner". Right now on an anniversary tour with "Rhapsody In Rock".

ANDERS BERGLUND: One on the Billboard list (Hooked on a feeling) and USA tour with "Blue Swede" Björn Skifs 1974-75. 13 years with EUROVISION GRAND PRIX as conductor and he has arranged many shows for over thirty years with Stjärnklart, Film Music Composer until 1939. Right now on an anniversary tour with "Rhapsody In Rock".

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