Find the peace of tranquil greenery or shop bargain on a lively flea.

There is something special with Ronneby Brunnspark. Since the 18th-century people have come here for recovery. From the beginning, it was the health source and the beautiful nature that attracted. You came here to drink well, go for strengthening walking and bathing a bath. Hotel, beautiful wooden villas and parks grew up, and Ronneby became a famous spa resort. We got a given place for recreation but also for activity - and so it's still.

Brunnsparken i Ronnbeby, Blekinge


New energy

Today you come here to fuel energy in different ways. Many choose to stay at the spa and conference hotel Ronneby Brunn right next to the park and close the beautiful circle by swimming and massage. Or through a workout like yoga, core and a bicycle pump in water! And like the icing on the cake: a dinner show in the evening. Water adventure outdoors finds the family at Brunnsbadet, but if more "dry" pleasures attract, there is the playground or Naturum with exhibitions about Blekinge's nature.


A coffebreak

- and shopping

Some of the park's well-known villas have Bed and Breakfast and other activities moved in. If you are looking for home cooking, Brunnsparken Restaurant & Café is located. And in another dream house you will find Café Mandeltårtan with its cozy sitting pits and good pastries. On the flea market in the airy Brunnshallarna, merry people are crowded every Sunday - from April to October.



- och flea market

Are you looking for activities? Then you will come when the park has one of its many events. Why not enjoy veteran vehicles when the Nostalgia event is held in the park.