Jogging trails - Långasjönäs

Address: Karlshamn Show map

Address: Karlshamn

Five trails for jogging and walking in beautiful nature.

Five trails for jogging and walking in different length between 1 km to 8 km. Start near Nytorpet. You can buy a detailed map at the Tourist Information Center in Karlshamn.

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First Hotel Carlshamn

Distance: 7.2 km
First Hotel Carlshamn is comfortably located downtown Karlshamn. The hotel, built in 1987 reflects the historic heritage and design of the early 20th-century market hall once located here.
B & B

Stiftsgården Södra Hoka

Distance: 2.9 km
The B&B Södra Hoka is located in a very stimulating environment. Here you can enjoy lakes, fishing waters, bathing areas, forests and hiking areas which are appreciated by many guests.


Distance: 4.5 km
Karlshamn’s largest and newest hotel is located just steps away from the highway and interconnects with all of Europe. Yet, close to the delightful town, convivial archipelago, beatiful golf course, and of course phenomenal salmon fishing.