Stiby Backe - Nature reserve

Address: Stiby Backe, 294 94 Sölvesborg Show map

Address: Stiby Backe, 294 94 Sölvesborg

Stiby Backe nature reserve has an area of 110 ha. Stiby Backe is a drumlinbildning with well-trained beach ridges between 48 and 31 meters and a skull cap rock with a maximum height of 70 m on the hill northeast side of the mountain is exposed while the southern slope is covered with materials deposited by the ice sheet.

Strand dykes are mainly trained in the sandy material. The east side, there is also strandhak. The entire drumlinbildnngen are not covered by the existing nature reserve, but this continues in a southwesterly direction and ends really not until the Birch Nabben.

The geological values ​​of Stiby Backe are an important part of an essential unity, and together with the vegetation and the landscape a very valuable natural area. The area contains several different types of habitat such as meadows, oak and beech woods, and major avenboksbestånd of both heath and ängstyp.

A beech forest is of particular interest from a scientific standpoint, this also applies to the wetter parts of the hornbeam forest. There exists a rich flora with ivy partially covers the ground and trees. Among the herbs include gulsippa, Viola, orchids and sårlärka. In the area of ​​present fauna. The area is attractive for active outdoor life. The hill offers sweeping views over Listerlandet

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