Valje Halvö - Nature Reserve

Address: Valje Halvö, 294 77 Sölvesborg Show map

Address: Valje Halvö, 294 77 Sölvesborg

Valje area covers the landscape of the historically interesting Valje farm and is a peninsula in Valjeviken bay.

In the area west of the railroad are both fully open fields and pastures as more or less closed deciduous stands. These deciduous stands are a large number of older trees, mostly oaks with stem diameters significantly, which probably served as solitaires in a more open landscape. Around these trees have grown up a new generation with real trees, where the oak partially concurred out of maple and ash.

To the east of the railroad area consists mainly of deciduous forests, where beech dominated but with a large proportion of deciduous trees. Area's flora shows examples of nutrient-dependent species that are otherwise quite rare in Blekinge. Among others, the mercury, and the tooth root woodruff common. In the old oaks growing on very rare tårtickaren (Inonotus dryadeus). The old trees in Valje area gives livelihood to, among other things hålbyggare, beetles and other insects. In addition, the home of a rich and scientifically valuable lichen flora including many endangered species. Mosaic Lans priesthood as a whole provides the conditions for a rich and varied bird life.

The nature reserve is managed by the municipality of Sölvesborg tel 0456-816000

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