Blekinge Riviera

Although Blekinge is only 120 km long, we offer a wide variety of natural experiences. Meadows and enchanting forests, the delicate leaves of beech trees, and study pine and spruce trees. Along the coast, the archipelago becomes sandy beaches by the time you reach the western corner of the county - Sölvesborg.


Photo: Hällevik, Sölvesborg



Sölvesborg is the furthest west and borders on Skåne. Instead of an archipelago, it has beaches - many long beaches with beautiful fine sand. 

All you have to do is choose the beach that is the best for you.

The municipality has a beach for every day of the week and much more besides. Some of them are full of life and have many visitors, with kiosks, restaurants, and playgrounds next to them, while others are quiet stretches of paradise, hidden away, and you almost have them to yourself.



Photo: Hällevik, Sölvesborg


Bathing for everyone

Norje, Hörvik, Hällevik, Grönslätt, Torsö, Sandviken, and Tredenborg - where do you want to go first? Hällevik has both Hanö-husstranden and Vassabacken beaches, while Torsö also has two beaches - Östra Torsö and Västra Torsö. The beach that most resembles the French Riviera is the Beach in Sandviken.

You look out over kilometer after kilometer of white sandy beach, bordered by reeds, pine trees, and deciduous forest.

The water is crystal-clear and shallow, making Sandviken a perfect place for families with children. Many of the beaches are on the Listerlandet peninsula, and if you get tired of life at the beach, you can take a detour to the charming old fishing villages. You can have something great to eat, stay for the night at a hotel, camp site or B&B.


Take the bridge to the beach

It is easy to travel from the beautiful beaches on Listerlandet and the town center by taking the Sölvesborg Bridge. The new landmark in the municipality.

The bridge Sölvesborgsbron is lit up at night and is the longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Europe.

I has become a favourite among photographers - just google sölvesborg + bridge + photos to find just a selection of photos. It´s also one of eleven remarkable bridges in the world according to CNN Style. The bridge has also attracted other international attention, including the magazine.



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