Untamed Blekinge

Lakes as smooth as glass, enchanting forests full of wild muschrooms and berries. The total serenity and silence in the middle of Sweden's southernmost wilderness. Welcome to Blekinge!

Vandra i Olofström

Photo: Käringhejan Nature Reserve, Olofström



Take the opportunity to leisurely glide throught serene and glassy waters, peacefully fish from your very own pier, take part in an exciting hunt or experience the beautiful countryside on cyling and hiking trails, all entirely free of cars. Or why not paddle along one of the canoe trails. Olofström has plenty for everyone who love untamed open spaces. A three-kilometre hike, for example, on the sectionof Laxaleden from Ebbamåla Bruk down to Benstampen at Angölsmåla.

The most beautiful part of the walk is the Käringahejan nature reserve, with its dramatic steep slopes down to the river.

The Mörrumså River 

- The main transport route

Let your imagination tranport you one hundred years back in time to the Hovmansbygd station. A time when the railway, the mill, the dairy and a multitude of other activities filled this now sleepy area with lie. A time when the river was the main transport route that provided energy and trade, it may also be worth your while to stop at Ebbbamåla Bruk, one of the country´s best preserved industrial heritage sites.


Ursulas Äventyr, Blekinge

Photo: Ursulas Äventyr


Rock Climbing 

- A real challenge

Are you tired of the comfortable life an would like to do something really challenging? Then why not try rock climbing at Ursulas Äventyr (Ursula's Adventure)? The owner Emese Orsolya Bálint grew up in one of Europe's most moutainous and caverich regions. She has been climbing since she was 14 years old and the past year she has climbed several high peaks in the Himalayas. 

Book a climbing course

Ursluas Äventry holds courses in rock climbing and organises guided tours too. where you choose the level of difficulty of the climb.  If you would rather delve into the underworld, she also arranges potholing, cave climbing and cave crawling. Unique experiences that will test your strenght and courage.

Find out more at - Ursulas Äventyr


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