Fun for kids

Time to choose a playful activity? Here are tips for you and your children.


Science & try out

Kreativum Science Center

Do you dare to put your hand in the box without knowing what's in it? How does it feel to crash in 7 km per hour? And how fast can you move in total darkness? At about 170 discovery stations you will be challenged an can learn new things in a fun way. There is a serving of hot dogs and other dishes when you get hungry. In the outdoor section, Kreapark, you will find exiting tunnels, fun fountains and other stations to play. In the Kreaffär there are toys and other things to buy.

Kreativum Science Center i Blekinge


Horse riding

Ride horses through the forest, in the archipelago and och trails. Go to a pony school or spend the night in a horse camp. It's the experience and age that determines, but there is something for everyone. Things are ranging from shorter to longer journeys in Blekinge's beautiful scenery.

Turridning på Islandshästar i Blekinge


Fun & farm life

Barnens Gård

Prepare for a full day for the whole family. The children can pat the farm animals, swing in playgrounds, jump into a giant jumping castle, run into mazes and go on a hayride out to the cows in the garden. The one who is 90 centimeters long can drive an electric car himself. The swimming pools have different depths, and there are several slides. Among other things, the 120-meter long "Bull fall" as guaranteed will tickle in the stomach. For those who do not have a meal with you, there is a kiosk and a restaurant to order food. This year's news is a ball game golf with 13 different courses. Who do you want to challenge?

Barnens Gård i Blekinge


Exotic animals

Blekinge Exotiska Värld

Meet curious exotic animals like monkeys and snakes. Count the legs on the spiders and be glad there is a glass between you and the 3.5-meter long tiger python snakes. Blekinge exotic world is a tropical atrium that takes you on a trip around the world. The animals present on the continents from which they come. Once you've arrived in South America, the animals move freely among the visitors. Because the tropical atrium is adjacent to the Creative Science Center, you can buy a combination ticket for both places.

Blekinge Exotisk Värld


Questar in teams

Boda Borg

Test how the family can cope with difficult challenges. And how strong you are as a team. It can be about breaking codes or getting through obstacles. Everybody is playing on the same terms - this is the group's strength that represents the most significant role. The team of 3 to 5 people chooses freely among quests and themes. The idea is that you will manage from challenge to challenge. Sometimes it's easy, other times the gene tags need to rub again. New energy takes you to Boda Borg's restaurant or café.



A real submarine


Are you ready to lower a whole ship on two cannon shots? At Marinmuseum you get the answer. A series of challenges and adventures await here. On Dunders deck the children can climb the rig and talk on the radio. And in different exhibitions, you can start a steam engine or see how injured seamen got care. On some Sundays, there is a lot more fun to do: for example, create a submarine in clay, hunt for secret documents or watch theater. For the larger children, the ship simulator is a must. Imagine driving a boat - almost on real. At the entrance, there is a restaurant and museum shop.

Marinmuseum i Blekinge med massor av barnaktiviteter



Olofströms Kanotcentral

Are you looking forward to paddling the canoe with the kids? Maybe fish, swim and jump land in a new place? Then the Canoe Center in Olofström is an excellent place to start. Here you can rent canoes, life jackets, and other equipment. Then you can paddle on calm waters. The lakes in the area - Halen, Raslången, Filkesjö, and Immeln - are connected to each other. It means you can choose whether the adventure should be for a couple of hours, a weekend or maybe for a whole week. And you decide how much outdoor people you want to be. There are many places to rest in a wooden shelter along the way.

Olofströms Kanotcentral i Blekinge


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