Bicycle safari

  • på Eriksberg
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Bicycle amongst the wildlife in Eriksberg.


Take a bicycle ride in the wildlife park at Eriksberg and enjoy the silence, the scents in nature and the opportunity to see the wildlife that walks freely around the whole area.
We start at the farmhuse and distribute mountainbikes as well as helmets before the tour.Thereafter we will cycle at a slow pace and stop in different places to observe the wildlife. The tour takes you along the safari trail inside the park, where the possibilities are great to see the wildlife. We will take a coffee break at a scenic location in the park area.

Cost: 850 crowns per person. The following is included in the price: bicycle and helmet, water, coffee and cinnamonbun. Minimum age is 12 years
Bookings: +46 (0)454-56 43 30 or [email protected]

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