Banvallsleden 250km Olofström

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Swedens longest cycling route from the Baltic sea to the North sea.


Sweden's longest cycling route from the Baltic to the West Sea is 249.5 km long. It runs mostly on Vislanda Line embankment from Karlshamn along several water Mörrumsån, Asnen, Bolmen and Nissan to Halmstad. You will be riding mostly on a trail with no cars and motorbikes. Relax in the natural and cultural experiences of the old border between Denmark and Sweden. If you are lucky you can on your bike ride to see the big salmon in Mörrumsån but even kingfishers, sea eagles and moose. You cycle through the old districts full of stories and legends, Bråvalla kind of mix and her women who defeated the Danes, the sword Tirfing and Berserkers on Bolmsö. You travel through technology and industrial, power plants, steel and paper mills, kimröksfabriker, defunct factories and living industry. It offers industrial and technological history to experience in tex. ABU Museum, Ebbamåla Mill, Huseby use with guided tours. It's a real cultural trip but moreover it is a fantastic bike ride in a wonderful scenery along the waters. Experiences at Mörrumsån / Asnen for example, a visit to the Salmon House, Ebbamåla use Getnö or Huseby Bruk at Mörrumsån / Asnen. Accommodations, food, bike rentals along the trail you will find in the tourist map BANVALLSLEDEN published by the Swedish Cycling Society 56 pages Do you want to know more about Sweden leads visit ... map data available on Olofströms Tourist Office.

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