The Ballad of Nygatan 8

  • på Karlshamns Stadsteater
  • +46 706-62 53 70
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A visual performance with Cornelis Vreeswijk's music at the Theater.


In a visual music performance, filled with Cornelis Vreeswijk's wonderful music and multifaceted lyrics, we get to meet a couple who live a quiet life in a house on Nygatan 8 (street). They live for their routines and their safety but have lost their desire and passion along the way. But then suddenly one day, an unknown family moves into their home. Without warning and without any explanation whatsoever. The life on Nygatan 8 is turning upside down.
With help of fantastic musicians and a singing ensemble, you will experience the meeting between what we know so well and the yet completely unknown.

Starring: Saskia Husberg, Björn Johansson Boklund, Gabriela Anselmo, Alaa Rashid, Sohair Chkair, Dan Knagg, Martin Ullits Dahl and Berrin Sahin

Buy via tickets via link below, Lundin's bookstore, Stora Coop Karlshamn and Karlshamn's Tourist Center. Remaining tickets are sold at Lokstallarna from 18:00 on November 16.

Price: 250 SEK/adults, 220 SEK/seniors and 70 SEK/youth and children

Time: 90 minutes, no break

Organizer: Karlshamns Riksteaterförening

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